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The goal of God First...Always is easier said than done, but as we are learning about the Kingdom of Heaven, it is essential.

Continue the journey into the Kingdom of Heaven with Granger UMC as we seek the Kingdom of Heaven...on earth.


Sunday January 17, 2021

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We are a church that is dedicated to serving others and serving God. This is the core of our vision and our mission.




Whether you just happened upon this site or were intentionally looking for us – you are here!

If you are looking for a community of faith to GATHER for meaningful worship, GROW in your faith or explore rewarding ways to GO serve, Granger UMC may be for you and your family.

In a world spinning out of control, Granger UMC wants to be a peaceable place to slow down, ask questions and sort life out.

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Reverend Bruce Hartley


Faith Formation and Spirtual Development.

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Come and get involved!

As Christians, we have celebrated the birth of our King – Jesus…now what? He is quite the contrast from the traditional image of a King. The kingdom Jesus rules is quite a contrast to the world we live in today. But this is very much the way God works, contrasts.

Jesus alienated the powerful and influential, and instead associated with the poor and powerless. His kingdom would entail self-denial and taking up one’s cross. He urged his followers to let their lights shine by their good deeds and in this way, people would be drawn into the Kingdom. Contrasts to be sure.

As followers of the King, we are Granger UMC take the urging of Jesus seriously. We believe we are called to be citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven and do so by living God’s will. We believe what we pray, “Your kingdom come. Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

It is timely God’s people refresh our memory of our King and his kingdom. As 2021 begins, Granger UMC will refocus who and whose we are by studying The Sermon on the Mount. Our sermon series is, “The Beginner’s Guide to the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Weekly worship will focus particularities of the Kingdom of Heaven and how we are to live into God’s Kingdom. Following each weekly sermon, you are encouraged to “gather” via zoom for “Kingdom Chats.” Together we will go deeper into God’s Kingdom and ask questions about the struggles we have living in one world and seeking to reflect kingdom values to the world.

Join us on Jan. 3 – Feb. 14 for worship and at 7:00 pm Tuesday Jan. 5 – Feb. 16 for “Kingdom Chats” via ZOOM online. Sign up for Chats below complete the form and click on  "SEND" or e-mail pastor@grangerumc.org . We only need your name and e-mail address. We will send you information on how to access our Zoom site for the virtual discussion and instructions for how to use ZOOM. You are encouraged to watch or listen to the sermon online prior to the discussion and review the Sermon Notes, but this is not required. All are welcome, one is not required to be a member of Granger United Methodist Church, just a hunger to learn more. Questions regarding Kingdom Chats can be directed to Rev. Bruce at pastor@grangerumc.org.

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