We are a long established church in the country, rooted in tradition and moving forward to our future. Granger UMC, as the first established church in township, is also the longest servicing congregation in the community. Granger was one of the first settled townships in Medina County served by itinerant pastors who passed through the area. The Methodist Episcopal was organized in 1821 and within a few years a hewed-log house for religious services was erected.

     Occupying the same site, buildings were built in 1856, again in 1877, and following a fire in 1902, the original portion of our present-day church was built in 1903. In 1922, the Parish Hall was added. In the late 1940’s, classrooms and a new kitchen and dining area were completed and in 1956, the sanctuary was redesigned and redecorated.

     What was considered a major “leap of faith” by a small congregation, a construction program was undertaken in 1978. The sanctuary was enlarged, permanent classrooms were provided, and space was renovated to provide office space and a relocation kitchen. With this additional space, our congregation continued to expand as did the ministry of the church.

     In 1996, it was determined that if our church were to continue to meet the needs of the community, additional space would be needed and building space was expanded by 75%. Since then, additional green space has been created around the church with a pavilion, fire pit, volleyball area and child’s playground area.


We are located next to the Granger Township Historical Society. The township was established in 1820 and will be celebrating this 200 year anniversary next summer due to Covid 19.

Our Mission

We feel that God has a very specific plan for us. We do our very best to follow that plan as closely as possible. We believe that as we are obedient to the Lord's plans, He will exceed all of our expectations.Granger Church  offers a welcoming faith community, engaging fellowship, activities and spiritual development and growth opportunities for all ages.

All are welcome

GATHER to Worship : We exist to worship our Lord in Spirit in Truth.

GROW  in Faith:  We exist to help usher in faith, hope, and love to people in area.We want them to know that they are not alone and someone loves and cares for them. We exist to GROW God’s Kingdom. We understand we are a part of a larger body. We want to do our part to grow the kingdom of God.

GO to Share and Care.  Serve in our local community of Granger Township and nearby areas in Medina and Akron. We exist to reach these people.

Enter to Worship……..Depart to Serve