Methodist Church


Going to church on Sunday - we take it for granted. But church on Sunday has not always been so straightforward. Chuck sets us straight.

Define Church- We all know what the word "church" means, right? Well, not so fast! Chuck explores all the meanings of this powerful word.

Sabbath- What is the meaning of "keeping the Sabbath?  Is it merely a day of religious observance and abstinence from work?

Lord's Prayer- It's the most common prayer spoken in church each Sunday. But where does it come from? And what does it mean?

Communion- The first of a two-part series about communion. Always good to know the basics about the first of two sacraments, right?

The Bread and Cup- The second of a two-part series about communion. Always good to know the basics about the first of two sacraments, right? Chuck explains what the bread and cup mean for Christians.

Sermons- A sermon is an oration by a pastor, right? But there's so much more to learn! Chuck explains a little deeper and makes you grin at the same time.

Worship- Chuck gets a workout during this episode! Sweatpants and sweatbands are on -- and there's a good reason why. You'll find out as you chuckle and learn with with Chuck.

The Bible- The Bible. It's one collection of 66 books and is considered a sacred text for both Christians and Jews. And Chuck is going to explain what it is in just 4 minutes? Hmmm.

Baptism- What is the meaning of the sacrament of baptism? What's best: sprinkled, dunked or poured? Chuck will explain a little about this important ancient act and perhaps have a surprise along the way.

Licensed Local Pastors- When does a pastor need a license? And why? Chuck talks again with some of his fellow "Chucks" as he explains this week's episode!

New Testament- It's the second half of the bestselling book the world has ever known. But this episode will test your knowledge about the 27 books in the New Testament.

Baptismal Font- Next time you’re in church, see if you can spot the baptismal font. Know anything about it, other than there’s water in there?

Torah- Where did the Torah come from and why is it important to us?

Bible Translations- In the United Methodist Church your gifts to your congregation impacts not only your local church's ministries, but mission and ministry around the world.

Cross- Why the cross rather than the fish for the accepted Christian symbol? Do you know? And why are there two types of crosses: one in catholic churches and another in protestant churches?

Doxology-  Chuck sings! Kinda. Bet you can't guess the name of the most played piece of music in Protestant churches each Sunday? You looked at the title of this episode, didn't you? Chucks sings and explains.

Affirmation of Faith- Ever try to summarize what you believe? It's hard! That's what an "Affirmation of Faith" tries to do for us. Chuck explains and sings (yet again).

IHS- Seen the letters "IHS" around your sanctuary? Ever wondered what they mean? Chuck hunts down the answers...and delivers a few chuckles along the way.

Amen-You may say it every day, but do you even know what it means? And, for those United Methodists old enough to remember, why is it not at the end of hymns any longer?

Benediction- Chuck begins with his "almighty" benediction, but then gets serious about the meaning behind this final worship act.

Disciples -What's your definition of "disciples"? Can you name all 12? Were there are any more than 12? These questions and more will be answered by Chuck!

Parables-  A parable is a succinct, didactic story which illustrates one or more instructive lessons or principles. But what does that mean? And why did Jesus use parables? Chuckle along with Chuck as he talks about "Parables" 

Foot Washing-  As recorded in John's gospel, on his last night before his betrayal and arrest, Jesus washed the feet of his disciples and then gave them a new commandment to love one another as he had loved them. But how did "Foot Washing" ever become part of Christian worship?

Grace- The word seems to have multiple meanings. It's said at the dinner table, yet also has deep theological meaning for United Methodists. Chuck takes a few minutes to explain prevenient, justifying, and sanctifying grace.

Confirmation -Did you attend Confirmation classes when you were young? And do you know why we confirm young people in the church? Chuck tries to confirm his reservation as he talks about Confirmation. (See also Part 2)

Confirmation, Part 2- In Christianity, confirmation is seen as the sealing of the covenant made in Holy Baptism. On this second part of a two-part episode, Chuck gives his own testimony as to why he is a Christian. See episode 43 for the first part.

Passing of the Peace- Some call it a time of greeting, but Passing of the Peace is much more than a handshake and a smile.

Great Commission- It's the instruction of the resurrected Jesus Christ to his disciples to spread the Good News. Do you know what occurred during his instruction? Why is it important to Christians?

Repententance- What, exactly is repentance, and why are we asked to repent for our sin?

Blessing- What does it mean to give someone a blessing?

Fasting- It's talked about in the book of Isaiah, chapter 58:6–7. And we bet you know it has something to do with Jesus being tempted in the desert. Is that all you know?

Confession of Sins- What exactly, is sin, and why is it so important that we confess our sins?

Yahweh- The many names we call God reveal a rich history -- and even includes a burning bush.

Apocrypha-The Apocrypha consists of a set of books written between approximately 400 B.C. and the time of Christ but are not included in the Bible. Confused? You're likely not alone.

Ten Commandments- I bet you can name the ten commandments right? No? How about where they are located in the old testament? No? Well, let Chuck explain about the ten commandments.

Stained Glass- Does your church have some? Ever wondered why stained glass is found almost exclusively in places of worship?

John Wesley- John Wesley: the founder, along with his brother Charles, of the Methodist movement. He challenged the Anglican church, cared for the poor, and connected faith with personal accountability. We bet you'll learn and chuckle as Chuck talks about John Wesley.

Lay Servant-Does your church have one? Do you know what one is? How does someone become a Lay Servant?

Psalms- The Psalms are right in the middle of your Bible. You could think of the Psalms as the hymnbook of sacred scripture. But, is that all you know?

World Communion Sunday- It's a special worship service observed by several Christian denominations, taking place on the first Sunday of every October. But, what exactly are we celebrating?

Upper Room- It's the place where Jesus had his last meal with his disciples, but it's also the world's most widely read daily devotional guide.

Apportionments- In the United Methodist Church your gifts to your congregation impacts not only your local church's ministries, but mission and ministry around the world.

An Annual Conference a regional body that governs much of the life of the "Connectional Church." Sound confusing? We agree. Chuck will try to make sense of "Annual Conference" when he makes a conference call in this episode.

UMC Logo- The cross and flame logo of The United Methodist Church is a mark known the world over. But what is the meaning and history of this interesting logo?

Itinerancy- That's a funny church word! You may know it has something to do with your pastor being appointed to a church. But, there's so much more to know, and Chuck will tell you while you chuckle along.

Pot Luck- Potluck meals are events where the attendees bring a dish to a meal. But why are they so popular in churches? Chuck tells all and steals the cake too!

District Superintendent- In the United Methodist Church a district superintendent plays a key role in the mission of the church. Have Chuck teach you a few facts about what most insiders call a "D.S." and chuckle along.

Handbells- Ever seen a handbell choir? Ever wondered about their history and place in the church? Well, you're in for a treat as Chuck explains about handbells

Bishops (Version 1)- In The United Methodist Church bishops are administrative and spiritual leaders. But how much do you know about the office of bishop? Chuck will tell you the basics as he plays a difficult chess tournament.


Bisphops (Version  2)- In The United Methodist Church bishops are administrative and spiritual leaders. But how much do you know about the office of bishop? Chuck will tell you the basics as he plays a difficult chess tournament.

Liturgist- Chuck goes to "work" on this episode. He explains the important role of this worship leader.

Lectionary- "Today's reading is from the Old Testament..." Ever heard that said in church? Did you know there is a calendar of readings? Yep, and Chuck will tell you all about "The Lectionary".

Sunday School- What's the meaning and history of Sunday School? Ever wondered? Is it no longer relevant in today's culture? Chuck walks off the set in disgust before he even tells you about the subject

Collect- No, we're not talking about collecting food or clothing, but something completely different. Chuck clears up his own confusion and tells us about the collect prayer.

Steeple-  Ever done this with your fingers as a child: "Here's the church and here's the steeple." Then you spread your palms apart and wiggle your fingers while saying: "Open the doors and see all the people." What's the reason these tall structures exist almost exclusively on places of worship? Chuck goes high in the sky to find out.

Acolyte-  Do you know what the word means? And what's with carrying the light out at the end of each worship service? Chuckle along with Chuck as he talks about "Acolytes.

Organ- Got pipes at your church? How 'bout an electric organ? No? What about a praise band? No matter, the organ has a rich tradition in the Christian Church? And Chuck will give you some valuable information about the organ and a few chuckles along the way.

Candles- Some may think churches are a little obsessed with candles. Why so many? Why have them at all?

Lay Minister- Around church you may be familiar with the term “laity” or “lay member,” but what about a “Lay Minister”? What’s that all about? Chuck tells all! And on this show you find out if Chuck is a clergy or lay person! 

Usher- Do you sit in the same seat each Sunday? If so, why do you need an usher? What's their role? Chuck loses his cool while explaining the role of an usher.

Paschal Candle- Where you worship is there a big tall strapping candle in the chancel area, taller than the rest? What’s the story behind that candle, and why is it special during Easter time?

Common Book of Prayer- If you're Episcopalian, you likely know all about this book. However, if you're United Methodist, you may have never even heard of it.

Clerical Collar- Does your pastor wear one? Where does this ecclesiastical garment come from?




Pulpit vs Lecturn- Ever wonder why there are two podiums inside many church sanctuaries? Smile and learn with Chuck as he explains the pulpit and the lectern!

Sacristy- It's probably the most unknown room in the church...and it also has a secret name! Chuck lets you peek inside where it can smell like flowers and candles. You'll know all about it when you click play and Chuck tells you about the sacristy.

Hymnal- "Turn in your hymnal to page...." Heard that before in church? Chuck digs into the book usually within an arm's length each Sunday. And he starts it all off with a solo.

Narthex- When's the last time you heard, "meet me in the narthex?" Then you say, "uhhh, what?" You’ll know all about it when you click play and Chuck gives you the skinny on the narthex.


The Offering Plate- Do you know the history of taking up an offering? Didn't think so. Chuck gives you the facts and a few blunders. Stay tuned to the very end for a surprise.

King Nebuchadnezzar- The name kinda sounds like someone is sneezing! He was king of the Neo-Babylonian Empire, who reigned c. 605 BC -- 562. And we are guessing that for many that's more than you may know.

Tower of Babel- The story of the city of Babel is recorded in Genesis 11:1-9. We hear about this story from time to time, but what do we really know about this strange Biblical passage?

Pharisees and Sadducess- Jesus dealt with both Pharisees and Sadducees during his life. And both of these groups were part of Judean society. Have you ever wondered which one is which?

Saul to Paul- The Conversion of Saul the Persecutor, was, according to the New Testament, an event that led him to cease persecuting early Christians. Then how did he come to be known as Paul? Chuck tries to straighten out the confusion (or add to it).

Elijiah vs Elisha- Elijah and Elisha are two of the most well-known prophets of Israel. They both served in the northern kingdom of Israel. But what's the difference between the two?

Ark of the Covenant- It was a chest described in the Book of Exodus containing the Tablets of Stone on which the Ten Commandments were inscribed. It was also the basis of a famous movie (which one?).

Burning Bush- God speaks to Moses through a bush that's burning... but not burning. So what does Moses do?

Jonah and the Whale-  Is all we know about Jonah was that he was swallowed by a whale?  What's the significance of the story?  Chuck draws it out for us!

Jesus the Carpenter- Jesus' earthly father Joseph was a carpenter (Matthew 13:55 & Mark 6:3). The Greek word is Teckton which means builder. Is that all we know about Jesus' work before he was known as Jesus Christ?

Clergy Fashion- Have a chuckle and learn with Chuck when he explains the differences between a robe and an alb — even if your pastor wears neither! Ever wonder why one is white and the other black?

Liturgical Colors- Ever walk in to your Sunday morning worship service and realize the colors have changed around the sanctuary?

Sign of the Fish- Ever wonder why the symbol of a fish is inside many church sanctuaries? Smile and learn with Chuck as he explains the meaning and history of the fish symbol in the Christian church. Chuck is talking about fish on his third show.

Lamb of God. It's a title for Jesus that appears in the Gospel of John. Is that all you know? And how does it tie into the Old Testament?



Laity Sunday focuses on the celebration of the ministry of all lay Christians. But, there's so much more to know and Chuck is eager to tell you.Text...

Ecumenical Sunday. This day gives Christians an annual opportunity to continue their quest for the unity they already share in Christ. But, do you even know what it means?

The Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in a series of eleven caves around the site known as Wadi Qumran near the Dead Sea in the West Bank (of the Jordan River) between 1946 and 1956 by Bedouin shepherds.

Piety and Mercy- Do you know these terms? Works of Piety, in Methodism, are certain spiritual disciplines that, along with the Works of Mercy, serve as a means of grace.

Heritage Sunday- This set aside day calls The United Methodist Church to honor its heritage by committing itself to the continuing call of God known and spread by Charles and John Wesley. How can your congregations celebrate this day?

You may know that "Crossing the Red Sea" is a passage in the Bible describing the escape of the Israelites, led by Moses, from the pursuing Egyptians. But is that all you know? Chuck does his best Charlton Heston impression.

Funeral Pall- A pall is a cloth which covers a casket or coffin at funerals. But, what's its significance during the liturgy? And why is called a "pall"?

Tree of Knowledge- Knowledge of good and evil was a tempting test for Adam. Chuck unpacks the significance of the enticing Tree of Knowledge (and is tempted himself by Branson Missouri) in his 112th episode!

Ascension Sunday- "When he had said this, as they were watching, he was lifted up, and a cloud took him out of their sight (Acts 1:9)".

One Great Hour of Sharing- Observed on the Fourth Sunday in Lent, this day calls the Church to share the goodness of life with those who hurt. In the United Methodist Church, offerings collected benefit United Methodist Committee on Relief.

The National Day of Prayer is an annual observance held on the first Thursday of May since 1952, inviting people of all faiths to pray for the nation.